As I have grown as an artist and painter, I have developed a need to express myself with two separate approaches in the process of creating work. The goal in my abstract works are to create a visual language by capturing a thought, feeling, or a memory from my past. 

The figurative works combine naturalist and expressionist styles using saturated colors to amplify and support the subject’s state. These paintings explore proximity and intimacy in an increasingly complicated world that is now filtered through the Internet and media.


A Dream of the Past

is an ongoing series with a goal of creating a visual language to express and describe my memories. The once concrete and unmoving, picturesque memories of my childhood are now appearing to slowly become sensory driven and ineffable. Fleeting moments from my past can be more reminiscent of color and feeling than exact phrases or occasions. Each piece is a meditation on a memory, feeling, thought, or desire that is completed generally in only one painting session in order to fully embrace the moment of inspiration.

Profile Paintings

are a series of portraits with an aim to accomplish what our collection of online "profile pics" often do – capture the essence of a person. All artworks in this series are not meant for public viewing outside of the internet, and are painted to trade with an original piece of artwork from the subject or are privately commissioned.

Each piece in the series is made with Oil on Wood Panel and are 8" x 8".

Products of Society

An exploration in the connection between humans and technology, and how intimacy and our relationships with others are effected by this new fascination.

Collage, Commissions, and Portraits

A collection of works, 2014 – present.